Deflate the Myths and Embrace the Facts: A Little Insight on Melatonin

Over the last few years, melatonin has become a buzzword in the medical field. Secreted from one’s pineal gland this hormone is functional during the night, helping to maintain a circadian cycle in the human body.

With the discovery of its supplement, this magic hormone is now a common term and includes – køb melatonin. However, owing to superficial knowledge, a lot of people accept myths as truths regarding melatonin. Following are the most common myths which the mass believe in:

Melatonin operates like a sleeping pill

People oft consider melatonin to be like other prescribed sleeping pills. However, melatonin supplements help to induce and improve sleep by regulating one’s biological clock.

High dosage of melatonin cause cancer

Another misconception is a high intake of supplements may cause several cancerous ailments. The truth is melatonin is excellent in treating breast cancers and even prostate gland cancers.

Lacks antioxidant properties

The flip side says melatonin has got powerful antioxidant properties to destroy all free radicals inside the body. In fact, melatonin plays a vital role in reducing the oxidative stress by hindering the formation of lethal hydroxyl radicals.

Melatonin Know The Facts

Melatonin Know The Facts

Melatonin is not effective for the ones with blindness

Many believe that melatonin doesn’t work for the ones who are visually impaired. However, blind individuals may also take melatonin supplement to mend their sleeping disorders.

Doesn’t ameliorate Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers already declared consuming melatonin supplement is exceptionally favorable for the Alzheimer’s patients. The hormone tends to improve troublesome sleep in such patients.

Now when you recognise the myths, learn some factual insights!

Melatonin is beneficial for kids with autism

Many children experience insomnia owing to autism developing other hazardous side effects. Made with herbal constituents, melatonin tabs help to inculcate proper cognitive performance and hence are advantageous.

Light deters the secretion

Irrespective of nature, both artificial and natural source of light are deterring factor for the production and release of melatonin. This is because melatonin level naturally falls during the early morning and remain low throughout the day.

Hence, it is advised not to use gadgets while going to sleep, as they potentially reduce the chance of proper secretion of melatonin.

Plays a pivotal role in regulating the menstrual cycle

Melatonin has a profound effect on controlling the menstrual phase and cycle alternations. In fact, it can have a positive impact on ovulation too, increasing the chances of fertility.

Red light might help in melatonin’s production

Several studies suggest red light seem to have a good influence on  melatonin production because of its low radiation. On the other hand, blue light decreases the secretion of this hormone hampering sleep.

However, most of the household appliances emit blue light; hence people switch off televisions, light and other gadgets before going for a nap.

Reduced secretion with the growing age

Production of this marvel hormone dwindles with people’s age. Since an optimum level of this hormone is significant, taking assistant of supplements can be the best bet.

Melatonin supplement came into fashion only some 3 decades ago. So, people still stay in confusion regarding all the correct facts. Now when you know about this sleeping hormone in-depth, have a beautiful sleep and do away with all the worries.

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