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Tanning in an artificial manner is something that has caught up in recent times to a great extent! With the prevalence of melatonin, this process has reached a great high, especially for giving natural results! Initially, options as tanning belts, creams, sprays and laser techniques were used. However, they had their own sets of problems!

Most importantly, there were certain safety issues existing in regards to these processes. Consistent scientific research has led to finally getting a solution from this problem!

Sun tanning: The craze and its procedures

The dark skin always had a very appealing charm for people of the Western World. Hence, the initial process of pigmentation started off with sunburns and sun-bathing. This later developed into artificial strategies such as usage of sprays and creams.

However, these procedures had hosts of negative effects for people who used them. It included permanent damaging of internal skin cells, premature aging of skin, blisters, rashes and to a greater extent increased chances of skin cancer.

An alternative was required! With melatonin, there came a revolution in this tanning market! Being a scientific procedure, it has certain fixed set of rules and regulations that to a great extent helps in ensuring complete safety of the concerned person.

Time to check out the procedure!

Melatonin – What is it?

These injections are syringes filled with peptide hormone melatonin that help in stimulating melanin content of human body, thereby bringing a change in pigmentation within the body.

By injecting this peptide hormone, melanocortin receptors are targeted that start off this process of pigmentation and maintain it to a great extent. Initially, as a medication for treating skin cancer, this inherent process of getting a deeper pigmentation for one’s skin has definitely caught up with the masses!

Proven scientifically, this mode is surely one that helps in bringing this transformation within a span of singular sitting or consistent usage for months, in case one tries using it personally.

Why have the old methods lost significance?

If you are wondering as to why all of a sudden this method has gained ground, while previously applied methods have lost their sheen, then certain basic factors can be stated.

  • In comparison to previous modes, this process of using melatonin helps in tanning the body at a uniform rate. While sunburn and sun-bath could result in patches of skin getting a tanned look, this mode helps in color development from within.
  • While previous methods could result in issues as premature ageing of skin or cancerous tumors; with this process, the body is not harmed in any manner. Rather, the tan is long lasting and also with consistent usage of melatonin; slimming effects can be seen.
  • The price range is also another important aspect to consider. The laser techniques of salons, or creams and sprays, would burn a hole in the pocket. Whereas price range of starting kit of such injections is £25.00 merely.

Dosage instruction of melatonin:

As per medical reports, for a complete transformation, a person needs to be supplied with a quantity of 10mg – 40mg of this frozen powder during a singular sitting. This sitting could be spread over a period of a couple of months.

At initial level, dosage varies within 0.5mg – 2.5mg, at regular intervals to kick start this process. It is only such injections where categorization of powder can be made, and chances of overdose are nil.

Buying Melatonin

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